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The EODD or Every Other Day Diet by Jon Benson is an amazing diet breakthrough that allows you to eat your favorite foods and still lose weight.  Actually it is, eat your favorite foods to help you lose weight.

Jon uses your favorite foods in the Every Other Day Diet for short to boost your metabolism and blast the fat from your body. The EODD diet sets the body up for this in a unique and healthy way.  Below are Every Other Day before and after pictures.  These EODD pictures are from EODD users.

EODD Pictures

As you can see from the EODD pictures. The EODD Diet will have you losing all the weight you want while you enjoy your favorite foods.

I bought this diet and I not only used it to lose a lot of weight, but I use it still to maintain my weight.  The entire concept is so easy to learn that you’ll be amazed.

Things I didn’t like about the Every Other Day Diet

It was hard at first to cut down eating as much as I liked, especially since I was an emotional eater.  Lets face it, it sucks to diet.  The Every Other Day diet just sucks less.

Another anoyance was the 30 minute limitation on my free meals.  Yes, you got only 30 minutes everyother day to eat what you want.  Still, this rule keeps me from grazing my way to fatness. 

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