Every Other Day Diets Review

Hello, my name is Christian Walker and that is Calvin, my faithful friend. My email for any questions you might have is questions@eodd.biz. This page is designed to help people find a way to lose weight without TOTALLY giving up their favorite things to eat.

I believe that every diet should have a little naughtyin it and give you room to indulge your appetite on a regular basis whether it is once a week or every other day.  The diets presented on this page all have 3 things in common.

  1. They all work when strictly followed. Barring any medical conditions you might have, you will lose weight if you follow them.
  2. They all have some sort of built in “cheat” that gives you a break from the monotony of dieting. This is the feature that I have found so successful in my own quest to lose weight.
  3. These diets are all risk free for 60 days

If you like the idea of having a break to enjoy eating, guilt free, on a regular basis, during your weight loss dieting then I encourage you to compare the diets on this page and select one to try.  Remember you have 60 days—that’s 8 full weeks—to evaluate the plan!  I am always available at questions@eodd.biz if you have any questions at all.


Christian Walker

My #1 Choice – The Every Other Day Diet Plan

Proven Record
Guarantee 60 Day Money Back
Side Effects None
Users Rating
Overall Rating

The Every Other Day Diet comes in number one in our every other day dieting review.  This diet’s amazing result comes from two things.  The ingenious SNAPP eating system will have you mastering healthy eating in less than half an hour.  It also eliminates any calorie counting, weighing  food, or reading labels. It is easy, fast, and extremely effective.

The second powerful feature of the diet plan that makes the Every Other Day Diet a winner is its use of your favorite foods to actually help you lose weight.  I know it sounds weird, but believe me it works.  By following this plan you can enjoy a meal of your favorite foods every other day without guilt and still lose weight.

Why buy The Every Other Day Diet?
  • To get your weight loss started immediately
  • It is scientifically sound and endorsed by doctors
  • It is an effective eating plan that you can master in less than 20 minutes and teach your family how in a matter of minutes
  • It is in high demand and popular all over the world!
  • It will enable you to maintain your weight loss the rest of your life
  • It one of the most effective diets for emotional eaters
  • One time charge for a lifetime membership
What are the benefits of The Every Other Day Diet?
  • Weight loss will begin right away.
  • You will lower your blood pressure and reduce your chances of heart disease
  • You will lose 2 to 5 pounds a week every week
  • You can finally buy those clothes you have always wanted and look younger.
  • You will set a great example in healthy living for your family
  • You will gain more respect at work and have more energy at home.
  • Put the sparkle back in your partner’s eye

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My #2 Choice – Eat Stop Eat Diet Plan

Proven Record
Guarantee 60 Day Money Back
Side Effects None
Users Rating
Overall Rating

Eat Stop Eat is our second choice.  To be honest, we were skeptical of fasting as a way to lose weight but after reading all of the material and trying it out, it actually makes sense.

The power of this diet is that you are able to cut your weekly calories without complicated formulas.  This makes Eat Stop Eat a very simple diet to understand.

The drawback of Eat Stop Eat is that it can be hard to fast for 24 hours, even though this type of fasting turns on the genes in your body that are associated with long life.  If you can handle the fasting, this diet will rock your weight loss.

Why buy Eat Stop Eat ?
  • It allows you to lose weight without traditional dieting
  • You get lifetime upgrades without reoccurring fees
  • The price is a fraction of what the big diet companies charge
  • You get the diet delivered immediately to your computer
  • You get several great bonuses that will help you lose weight faster!
What are the benefits of Eat Stop Eat?
  • Weight loss starts immediately
  • Your family will be impressed with your new healthy look.
  • You can enjoy meals out with your friends and family
  • The weight loss is easy
  • You won’t become a health casualty of obesity

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